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The increase in software-driven products is changing the market requirements and challenges for companies. To ensure the best possible response to the growing competitive situation, classic PLM landscapes need to be expanded to include ALM capabilities. This ensures that companies can both develop and manufacture their products efficiently.

Some of our ALM success stories

For an optimized design of ALM it is crucial to bring together and apply overarching expertise in the areas of processes, methods and tools as well as business and IT.

As BHC we have:

Expertise in processes and methods

Comprehensive process and methodological skills are required to ensure an optimized ALM. Systems engineering in particular is a crucial discipline for successfully managing complex products throughout their entire life cycle. Our certified consultants work with you to design your process and method landscape with the aim of achieving an optimally coordinated PLM and ALM.

Tool know-how

ALM tools offer a holistic approach to software lifecycle management. In the context of complex software-driven products, a coherent IT structure consisting of PLM and ALM is crucial to success. With the help of such tools, companies can achieve integrated and efficient development processes. Product quality is maximized, time-to-market is shortened and risks are minimized. BHC supports you with all major ALM tools such as PTC Codebeamer, SIEMENS Polarion, Jama Connect and others.

ALM vendors

Passion for software-driven products

Discover the broad expertise of the BHC crew! Our team consists of interdisciplinary experts ranging from IT and methodology experts to engineers and sociologists. With passion, innovation and pragmatism, we work with you to develop customized solutions that are precisely tailored to your individual business requirements.

Our ALM services

We support you in the design, setup, operation and improvement of your ALM. Adapted to the demands of your company.


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