Times are changing!

ALM and PLM are taking on an increasing role in our increasingly digital world. ALM and PLM are important if not the most important components for the future of your business!

Areas of tension and challenges arise in particular where traditional, mechanics-driven product processes are established and have shaped the process, method and IT landscape of a company over many years.

ALM integration as a catalyst for the software of the future

What is certain is that it is not possible without!
If you want to play a role in future business models in mechatronics or software, you need a powerful PLM / ALM integration.
Both concepts must be ideally coordinated in the respective corporate context and complement each other perfectly in terms of process, method and tool.

  • Which tool supports me best in my project?
  • Which use cases should be mapped in ALM, and which should not?
  • Can I ensure traceability from start to finish?
  • Do I control the dependencies of my products (SW-SW, SW-HW, etc.)
  • How do I ideally bring hardware and software together?

These and many other questions need to be answered with a view to sustainable and future-proof solutions.

Our Services

The BHC Benefit

We, the BHC, help you to bring together the life cycles of your mechatronic products and your software applications in a powerful and efficient way. We support you in this change, take up your previous efforts and accompany you in all phases of the business integration of PLM with ALM

What else you can expect from us:

  • Many years of experience in the design and implementation of ALM solutions
  • State of the Art ALM Tool Know How
  • Strong IT competence in the team of the BHC
  • BHC process and method building kit to support a tailored approach
Do you have any questions? With pleasure I am at your disposal.
Tobias Dieckmann

Mobile: + 49 (0) 160 909 070 52