Whitepaper: Traceability over Lifetime

The increasing share of software increases the overall complexity of products. This and stricter regulatory requirements mean that the need for traceability is becoming increasingly important.
Therefore, learn in our whitepaper …

… which traceability core capabilities your company needs for end-to-end traceability
… how Systems Engineering methodically supports you during implementation
… how to use an information model to systematically plan IT implementation in your PLM and ALM landscape.

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Whitepaper: Software-driven products

We know from many years of experience in our area of expertise, PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) for mechatronic and software-based products:

The more extensive the software components in products, the more extensive and fundamental the challenges for the company along the lifecycle. In this context, decisive new requirements arise for the interaction between PLM and ALM. We explain what is important in our new, multi-part whitepaper!