What we do

BHC GmbH, a part of PROSTEP AG based in Böblingen, is a management consultancy with a focus on IT-related consulting in product and application lifecycle management (PLM/ALM) in the automotive, mechanical engineering and plant construction sectors. Our main area of expertise is consulting on all aspects of process, method and IT system design for companies with products in the mechatronics and software environment.

We are firmly convinced that a conceptual idea is only really good if it can be realized in a concrete corporate context!
For this reason, we support our customers in an extensive range of their (agile) IT software development process, from requirements conception to functional specification, test management and application management.
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We love our business, our entrepreneurial thinking and action is the core of the BHC DNA! We are tackling the challenges of the future passionate and goal-oriented, always keeping in mind the success of our Customers in the focus. Our claim is not only to advise: we want to solve problems, to understand them at their core, Create added value!


We are ONE team. We share experiences, perspectives and skills! Cross-functional, cross-project exchange is lived practice with us! Instead of rigid methods, we rely on pragmatic and flexible service channels. Instead of strict hierarchy, there is full transparency and maximum scope for co-design. In this way, we create a comprehensive, common understanding and the basis for appreciative interaction with each other.


We understand our craft! PLM and ALM for mechatronics and software requires a maximum of different technical and soft skills to lead customer projects to success and to develop smart solutions. We have acquired this expertise in over 17 years of project work, interdisciplinary dialog in our network, innovation forums and scientific activities. There is never a standstill for us, the demand for the highest quality and continuous improvement are always in focus.

What distinguishes us

We have fun doing what we do! Together!
This is particularly noticeable through our strong team bond and the fact that, even when things get really busy in a project, the focus is on “getting it done together”. Creative brainstorming sessions, in which everyone gets a chance to speak, are just as much a part of the event as a joint barbecue on the roof terrace. Instead of rigid methods, we rely on pragmatic and flexible service channels; instead of strict hierarchies, there are full
Transparency and dynamic cooperation.