Together! Stronger!

Not only within BHC GmbH but also beyond its borders, partnership and cooperation are highly valued! Over the years, we have built a steadily growing network of partners and cooperations who share our mission and passion! In our increasingly complex world, such established trust-based connections are invaluable and a true added value for us and our customers!
With the goal: „Together! Stronger!“

Our Partners and Cooperations

A special kind of relationship connects BHC with PROSTEP AG! Since PROSTEP acquired a majority stake in BHC in February 2019, the two companies have been closely linked and have been pooling their expertise in various areas.

Dr. Bernd Paetzold, CEO of PROSTEP AG:
“The combination of our comprehensive experience in the fields of PLM consulting, system integration, migration, and collaboration with BHC’s specialized expertise in the area of E/E and software development offers our customers significant advantages in digitizing their business processes. We are now truly 100% PLM!”

Philipp Hasenäcker, CEO of BHC GmbH (formerly Bartscher & Hasenäcker Consulting GmbH):
“Even before the majority stake acquisition, we had already worked side by side for years in large customer projects, so we have a well-established and trust-based relationship. The opportunity to now fully utilize the competence spectrum and network of PROSTEP AG is an exceptional chance for BHC and strengthens us as a small consulting firm sustainably!”

PROSTEP AG is the leading, vendor-neutral consulting and software company for any and every aspect of product lifecycle management (PLM). We provide customers with support for their digital transformation and help make them fit for Industry 4.0. Our strengths include PLM strategy consulting and process optimization, system selection and implementation, PLM integration and migration, as well as secure data exchange and conversion. We provide you with support from the initial concept through to the implementation and commissioning of your PLM solution.

The prostep ivip Association is an international association that has its headquarter in Darmstadt, one of Germany’s top location for science and research. The association has committed itself to developing innovative approaches to solving problems and modern standards for product data management and virtual product creation. It bundles the interests of manufacturers and suppliers in manufacturing industry as well as IT vendors, in close cooperation with research and science institutes, to provide its members with the long-term competitive advantages that more efficient processes, methods and systems provide.

Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest and most research-oriented universities of applied sciences in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs at the university include technical engineering, computer science, business, and construction-specific disciplines. Of particular importance to BHC is the relationship with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics.

For over 12 years, Toowoxx IT GmbH has been developing custom software and offering services related to system engineering and data protection.

Inno-Tec, based in Böblingen, Germany, creates custom software solutions for its customers. The range of services extends from software architecture/development/QA to operations and UI/UX.

Digital technology is constantly transforming how businesses engage with their customers and employees. To navigate this ever-changing landscape, industrial companies need a technology partner that can help them survive—and thrive—by rapidly accelerating digital transformation across their products, operations, and workforce. That’s where PTC shines. Our unique portfolio of CAD, PLM, IoT, and AR technologies work together to establish a digital thread that spans the entire product lifecycle, enabling faster data continuity across your business and better collaboration between your teams.

Since April 2023, BHC has been a service partner for PTC Codebeamer.